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Last updated January 2009


BUILDING BUSINESS ON BIOSCIENCE SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 31st March to 1st April 2009

While it is recognised that biologically derived renewable and sustainable technologies are key to our future as an industrial society, there are many technical, financial and socio-economic barriers which need to be overcome to establish a successful and sustainable bioeconomy. In this conference we will be taking both a UK and International perspective on what is driving and hindering the large scale development and adoption of applied biotechnologies in the industrial sector. Individual sessions will focus on the bottlenecks and how they have been overcome, training, finance models and newly emerging technologies. Presenters will cover current policy, foresight planning and case studies. In addition there will be parallel sessions devoted to the current activities of the Bioscience for Business Knowledge Transfer Network in Health & Wellbeing and Renewables & Sustainables. The conference will be relevant to those involved in the biosciences through industry (large and small) and academia as well as to those involved in science policy and the economic and societal implications of the new bio-based economy.

For further information visit http://ktn.globalwatchonline.com/epicentric_portal/site/bfb/?mode=0

BioTrinity 2009 Oxford, 2-3rd April

Biotech partnering and investment conference in a two-day programme. For further information and a programme of events on BioTrinity 2009 please visit www.biotrinity.com

ACHEMA 2009- 29th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology, Frankfurt am Main, 11th-15th May 2009

Innovative Concepts for the Use of Resources                                                      ACHEMA’s special show has always focused on areas in the field of the process industries that are oriented towards the future. With the topic “Chemistry and Biotechnology for Renewable Resources and Energy”, ACHEMA 2009 will be highlighting the rapidly increasing importance of the use of non-fossil resources as materials and energy providers. In addition to industrial (“white”) biotechnology, the special show will also include bio-refineries and plants for the production of bio-fuels and bio-gas as well as bio-plastics and bio-composites. Photovoltaics, solar-chemical processes and not least, thermal and chemical processes will also be represented within the spectrum of topics covered by the special show.

Biotechnological products and processes for medical and pharmaceutical science, foodstuffs, plant and animal breeding; processes of environmental biotechnology such as biological cleaning of waste water and waste gases, waste treatment, soil decontamination, biodegradable polymers; biotechnology-specific analysis and diagnosis, test-kits, reagents, biosensors; bio-informatics, e.g. simulation and modelling, gene databases, genome analysis; biochips; service suppliers to the biotechnological sector.

For further information visit http://www.achema.de/en/Exhibitors/Profilgruppen.html#biotechnology

For a copy of the ACHEMA brochure visit; http://www.achema.de/achema2009_media/Downloads/ACHEMA_09_englisch.pdf

BIO International Convention 2009, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, 18th-21st May

The 2009 BIO International Convention will help expand the biotech innovations that help heal, fuel and feed the world.

Register for this event at http://convention.bio.org/attendees/

The Sixth Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, Montreal, Quebec, 19th-22nd July 2009

The World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing will be held July 19-22, 2009 in Montreal , Quebec. The World Congress aims to bring together individuals with diverse experience to share knowledge that will speed the development and growth of a sector that is vital for value creation and sustainable industrial development. This conference will foster the exchange of ideas and will provide "real world" scenarios that can be applied in daily practice, and it will present an overview of the latest technological developments.

Topics include;

  • Advanced Biofuels
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Food Ingredients & Flavorings
  • Fragrances & Cosmetics
  • Biopolymers
  • Renewable Chemical Platforms
  • Fine Chemicals from Biomass
  • Biomass Pretreatment
  • Biotechnology for Climate Change
  • Ethanol & Cellulosic Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Energy from Algae
  • Use of Agricultural & Forestry Residues
  • New Energy Crops
  • Feedstock Collection
  • Cell Wall Modification
  • Enzyme Development
  • Health & Personal Nutrition
  • New Business Models

For further information visit http://www.bio.org/worldcongress/

EuropaBio's European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009

European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 20th-22nd October 2009 SANTA Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon, Portrugal

Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, between 20-22 October 2009, the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009 promises an informative 3 day event comprising a strong advisory board, workshops, an exhibition, focused plenary sessions and three new dedicated programme tracks focusing on feedstock for the biobased economy, policies and regulations, and innovation.

Building on the success of EFIB 2008, which proved to be an exceptionally rewarding event with outstanding networking opportunities, EFIB 2009 is set to be the European industrial biotech event of the year. Don’t miss out on the great networking and knowledge sharing opportunities that the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology 2009 has to offer.

For further information and a 2009 EFIB programme visit http://www.efibforum.com/


World Biofuels Market Brussels Expo Centre Belgium, 16-18 March 2009

Europes largest biofuels congress and exhibition will feature;

  • Six pre-congress forums on the 16th March 2009
  • Biofuels Policy and Standards
  • ABO Algae Fuels
  • Biobased chemicals
  • Bioplastics
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Biofuels Certification
  • Biofuels Investment
  • Sustainable Biofuel Awards
  • 3 full exhibition days with 100+ exhibitors showcasing new innovations

For further information and to download the Worlds Biofuels Market brochure and programme please visit http://www.worldbiofuelsmarkets.com/

Innovate 2007 8th November 2007, QEII Conference Centre. For information on Innovate 2007 visit the event website here

Microbes and Aquatic Pollution, 19th - 20th December 2006, Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon

Most of the important and difficult-to-treat pollution in our environment occurs in rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. Microbes themselves can be significant pollutants, yet they can also be powerful tools in combating pollution, not only providing highly-sensitive monitoring techniques, but also actively achieving bio-remediation of many contaminants, including industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical residues and hydrocarbons.

The conference presented the latest in research and industry developments across a range of microbe-pollution interactions. It also discussed critical challenges and how they could best be tackled – thereby informing researchers, industry and government of future needs, actions and key technologies that will make a real difference to the UK.  The meeting was jointly sponsored by the NERC BlueMicrobe Knowledge Transfer Network, the DTI’s Bioscience for Business and Integrated Pollution Management (IPM-Net) KTNs, and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, part of the Plymouth Marine Sciences Partnership.  For a copy of the full programme, please click here

Bioactives from Marine Sources Seminar, Devonshire Building, University of Newcastle,
14th September 2006

The power of molecular biodiversity is again being recognised by the pharmaceutical industry as a source of novel bioactives. Coupled with high-level expertise in combinatorial chemistry and predictive screening, the natural world is expected to regain its position as prime provider of innovative medicines and delivery systems. This seminar focuses on the prospects and realities of novel bioactives, mainly from marine sources, with some contribution from plants.

BTS/NC3Rs/IVTS Joint Autumn Meeting 2006, The Three Rs: Recent Developments National Science Learning Centre, University of York - 14th - 15th September 2006

Programme developed jointly by the BTS Regulatory Toxicology Speciality Section, the In Vitro Toxicology Society (IVTS) and the UK NC3Rs.  For more information on this event visit the website www.thebts.org.  Click here for details of the programme and here for the flyer.

Blue Biotech and Neptune's Larder, a lecture on biotechnology from the deep blue sea, accompanied by food product demonstrations - 17th May 2006, SCI Lecture Theatre

Catherine Side MA, MSc, FIFST, MIFT has consulted widely for companies working in marine biotechnology and contributed to the recent Technology Foresight programme for the DTI.  The lecture will cover some well-known food ingredients such as omega-3s and hydrocolloids from seaweeds, and many of the lesser known and developing products that find uses in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, molecular biology and research, bioremediation and many other applications.

Lindsey Bagley BA, MIFT h and Nick Henson BSc, MIFT h are creative product developers for the food industry who will provide an interactive demonstration of some of the products discussed in the lecture.  Open your eyes underwater and sea what they have to show you! Click here for booking form and programme details

BIA Scotland Workshop - DTI Spring Competition for Funding, 9th May 2006, SEEL, Edinburgh

EEDA Bioscience and Healthcare Event, 27th April 2006 Buckingham House Conference Centre, New Hall, Cambridge. EEDA Bioscience and Healthcare event: Preparation for the Spring 2006 Technology Programme Collaborative R & D competition for funding.  The official launch was on 26th April in London and the closing date is 19th June.  The call focuses on two technology priority areas namely:

  • Exploitation of Bioscience for Industry
  • Safety Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development

    For more information click here and for the registration form click here

BioNEt Microbiology Networking Event: Microbiology in the North East: Current & Future Perspectives, 8th May 2006 Bioscience Centre, Newcastle 

Everyone is welcome to attend the BioNEt microbiology networking event detailed below. Registration is essential but free of charge and includes a light buffet and refreshments. Microbiology in the North East: Current & Future Perspectives. Monday 8 May 2006, Darwin Suite, Bioscience Centre, International Centre for Life, Newcastle

View abstract/programme below and at: www.bionetatcels.com/news/microbiology

Register by emailing Natasha.Taylor@celsatlife.com with name/affiliation and stating which workshop you wish to participate in and your area(s) of interest.

Bioscience for Business Knowledge Transfer Network, 28th February 2006, The Royal Society

The official launch of the Bioscience for Business KTN will take place at The Royal Society, on Tuesday 28th February 2006 at 3pm.  The Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions and Professor Julia Goodfellow, Chief Executive, BBSRC, will provide Keynote speeches.  For more information about the Bioscience for Business Knowledge Transfer Network please see the attached 

BlueMicrobe at CORDIA: The CORDIA BioTechnology Convention 2005

(http://www.cordiaconvention.com/) was held in London 11 - 13 October.  It included a session, "Solutions from the Deep Blue Sea" that addressed opoportunities in marine biotechnology.  BlueMicrobe were strongly represented in this session, which was chaired by Grant Burgess (recently appointed Professor of Marine Biotechnology at Newcastle upon Tyne, head of their Dove Marine Laboratory and a leading light in the BlueMicrobe network).  Dave Woodwark - BlueMicrobe network co-ordinator gave a talk on BlueMicrobe's aims and activities. Click here to view his presentation

Out of the Blue Finale Events - 24th May in Edinburgh and 2nd June in London

We know a lot about the small minority of microbes that cuase disease, but hardly anything about the vast majority that make our planet habitable.  The research described in these leaflets distributed at the event has begun to address this imbalance.

1. Viruses - the unseen players click here (PDF 185KB)
2. Deep-sea discoveries click here (PDF 208KB)
3. Everything everywhere?
click here (PDF 189KB)
4. Nature's chattering classes 
click here (PDF 179KB)
5. From research bench to market place click here (PDF172KB)
6. Aquatic mirobes shape our world
click here (PDF 188KB)
7. Classifying, culturing and curating microbes
click here (PDF 188KB)
8. Sampling the blue planet click here (PDF 189KB)

Marine Biotechnology: Looking beneath the surface: a mission to China - 3rd August 2005, At-Bristol Conference Centre

A DTI Global Watch Mission visited China in January to gain a better understanding of the marine science and technology sector in relation to marine biotechnology.  The mission looked at key research centres and facilities to assess marine biotechnology research and development focus and explore the prospects for technology collaborations. 
This free event was held on 3rd August 2005.  Venue: At-Bristol Conference Centre, Bristol. For more details click here (PDF88KB)